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Six Years of Crafty Corner Poppies

You may have noticed that as you are passing our shop in Mill Street Macclesfield that the Red Poppy Curtain is on display again to support the British Legion Poppy Appeal. This has featured for many years now and was first seen six years ago to display the crocheted and knitted poppies that the craft group had made over a three-month period. This year it is draped over our wool display frame that normally shows individual products but has been given over to the curtain. We even have a purple poppy curtain that in respect of the fallen animals.

I went back over some photos from over the years which are quite interesting to see the curtain in different settings.

This Year in the Window Last Year Inside the shop

Two Years Ago, we had not yet moved into the new shop but wanted to let people know we were moving so the Curtain was there before us. Sorry about the reflection

St Michaels Church 3 Years Ago showing names Christ Church Macclesfield 4 Years of all soliders from the Macclesfield Macclesfield ago as seen on BBC North West

Finally, our old shop from across the road.

2018 around the Cenotaph in Macclesfield

Thank you for all our customers and group members who have helped with creating this tribute over the years and we will let you know when think of other similar projects and need your help. Currently we are working on knitting for the "Woollies' for Winter Campain" for Babies for Adults.

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